Registration Guidelines

The conference language is English overall. Conference and publication activities consist of several stages, as explained below:

Registration for Conference:

  1. We allow participants to join this conference as presenters (oral and poster)
  2. The non-presenter can directly register via the link provided (see registration)
  3. A participant who joins as a presenter should prepare an abstract according to the format (see abstract template) first. The abstract should be written in Microsoft Word only.
  4. Submission for the abstract should be made through the website (see registration) by the presenter directly, at the same time as the registration is done.
  5. The committee in charge (reviewer) will review each submitted abstract. The committee will send the LoA for selected abstracts to be presented together with Invoice
  6. All selected abstracts will be placed in the Conference Book according to the available scopes (see conference scopes)


  1. We only process selected paper further for proceeding 
  2. Papers should be written based on the format. Please follow all instructions available in the template.
  3. Before submitting, the author(s) must have professionally proofread the paper beforehand.
  4. The paper should be submitted via certain flatform online
  5. The paper will get review from selected reviewer, especially for the suitability of the scopes, the suitability of proceeding/ journals, novelty, proofreading, English editing, and the suitability of the template.

Everything related to the conference and publication that have not been explained at this time, it will be announced later.